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At Bel & Mums, we want you to feel well-prepared and supported for the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. That’s why we offer a range of products carefully chosen to enhance your experience during this special time.

To ensure you have what you need without unnecessary expenses, we provide a rental program for TENS and other devices (essential tools for your childbirth preparation).

You can also purchase and download our Hypnobirthing Tracks, and we’ve curated a list of recommended products based on our extensive experience, designed to make your pregnancy journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Your well-being is our priority!

Our Hypnobirthing Guided Meditations (Spanish)

At Bel & Mums, in collaboration with La Voz de la Maternidad (perinatal psychologist), we worked on this project with passion and dedication for many months. Our goal was to provide you with the best way to prepare for a calm and empowered childbirth.

You can now purchase and download the meditation tracks from Bel & Mums and La Voz de la Maternidad (in Spanish). Let us be with you during your childbirth journey, helping you stay calm and confident in yourself and your body.


With this Hypnobirthing Preparation Guided Meditation, you can practice meditation during pregnancy, preparing for the day of childbirth (for the weeks leading up to it).

LABOUR 7.99€

This Hypnobirthing Meditation Guide for Labor will help you relax, visualise, and focus during the day of your childbirth.


We recommend using both Hypnobirthing Meditation Guides for a complete hypnobirthing experience. Both the preparation for the weeks leading up and the one for the day of your childbirth

Rent The Equipment You Need


Vaginal balloons and TENS are devices we highly recommend in our sessions, and that’s why we offer you a TENS rental and a consultation  to select the right vaginal balloon for you.  Find more information about each of them below, and you can rent the TENS and you can book the vaginal balloon consultation from your 36+0 weeks of pregnancy.

Once you’ve made the reservation, we will contact you to check your preferred dates and arrange for you to pick them up in Madrid (Chamberí).

Vaginal Balloons

Vaginal Balloons like the Epi-no enhances the action of relaxin, preparing the perineum to reduce the risk of tearing during the birth of your baby. Thousands of women worldwide have used balloons to decrease the risk of tearing.

If you are looking for a more economical option, we recommend any other vaginal balloon (we consider the EpiNo brand to be somewhat overpriced). You can find other medical vaginal balloons for €20, sometimes also sold under the name of dilators or anal plugs that are used in women who also need to medically dilate the area.

We always recommend using any vaginal device with a condom (to prevent infection).

We also recommend a prior review with a physiotherapist or midwife expert in pelvic floor to rule out reasons why this device might not be suitable for you and also an explanation on how to properly use it!

We do not rent these devices but we can guide you to find the right one for you (included in the price of the consultation in which you will learn its best use).


TENS is a pain management device during labour, consisting of electrodes attached to the mother’s lower back that release electric currents, significantly relieving the pain of contractions during labor.

Our TENS machines feature the latest and most effective technology. They have a ‘burst mode’ for stronger contractions and a ‘boost mode’ that you can use continuously to help generate endorphins.

You’ll have it from the 36th week and can return it 2 weeks after your estimated due date, giving you enough time to become familiar with it.

You’ll receive a personalized guide on its usage, application of the patches, and how to use it effectively for the best benefits. All settings will be pre-set, so you won’t have to worry about configuring them yourself.

All our TENS machines undergo intensive professional cleaning and are ready for immediate use, like new!

Reserve it at least 1 week in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on yours.


Epi-No rental for 6 weeks from week 36 of pregnancy.


TENS rental for 6 weeks from week 36 of pregnancy.


Rental of both devices for 6 weeks from week 36 of pregnancy.

Bel & Mums te recommends…

The product recommendations we provide below are based on our extensive experience as midwives caring for pregnant women, mothers, and babies. All of these products are available on Amazon, and if you make a purchase through our links, you’ll help us a bit at no extra cost to you!

*All prices are approximate.

Proiron fitball · 21,99€

Exercise ball ideal for prenatal training and during the dilation stage of labour.

Kokoso · 20,09€

This organic coconut oil for babies is also fabulous for moms. Use it for massaging or moisturizing the skin on any part of the body.

Epixelle · 20,25€

This wonderful soap for damaged skin is the only one we recommend using during the postpartum period in case of perineal damage.

Satin Naturel · 18,39€

This organic rosehip oil is great for treating scars and stretch marks, among other uses. Apply it daily for best results.

Trofolastin · 46,25€

Scar reduction patch, made of polyurethane. Protects and repairs recent and old scars. It’s excellent for use after a cesarean section.

Litspot · 36,99€

This cushion is excellent for sitting more comfortably after childbirth or even during pregnancy if hemorrhoids have appeared.

T2 Perineal Bottle · 11,99€

For maintaining proper postpartum hygiene. Washing is painless with this water sprayer that allows easy cleaning of the perineal area.

4 Chicco Panties · 9,99€

Disposable elastic mesh panties, ideal for postpartum. They are breathable and do not squeeze anywhere. Absolutely essential.

Indasec Postpart · 5,97€

Extra soft, large, and gentle postpartum pads. Ideal for the first days when there is any type of perineal damage.

Nursing Pads · 13,99€

Nursing pads made of natural organic bamboo cotton, ultra-soft and gentle on the skin, naturally antibacterial, safe, and non-toxic.

Medela Patches · 14,25€

Hydrogel cold patches that instantly relieve sore nipples. They are completely safe and non-toxic for your baby.

Dr. Lipp · 12€

100% natural lanolin cream for cracked nipples, completely safe for your baby. It’s also great for dry lips!

Medela Nipple Shields · 11,54€

Contact nipple shields that facilitate breastfeeding when the latch is difficult or painful, as they protect the nipples and help the baby latch on.

Breast Milk Bags · 15,95€

50 breast milk storage bags of 180 ml with a transport bag. They can be frozen and stand upright.

Elvie Collector · 39,99€

Breast milk collector with a vacuum effect. Gathers accumulated milk, does not stimulate milk production, and is easy to clean. BPA-free silicone – Universal size.

Elvie Breast Pump · 199€

Portable electric breast pump with various suction levels that can be comfortably worn in the bra, and can be controlled through a mobile app.

Baby Bottle · 11,90€

120ml glass baby bottle with an ergonomic shape and ultra-soft teat designed to mimic the feel and shape of the breast for a more natural latch. Suitable from 0 months.

Anti-colic Bottle · 19,90€

MAM bottle that reduces colic and regurgitation by preventing the baby from swallowing air.

Steriliser · 34,76€

Philips Avent microwave steam steriliser. It has space for 4 bottles and sterilises in 2 minutes

Latex dummies · 10,95€

BIBS natural latex dummies, respectful of breastfeeding. Lovely and available in many colors!

Dummy Soft-Toy · 30,27€

Fantastic dummy and soft toy 2-in-1 invention. Calms babies, aids sleep, and helps them handle the dummy independently.

Alarm clock · 30,99€

Children’s sleep training alarm with daytime and night-time light, white noise…

Sleep Pillow · 59,98€

Sleep pillow for babies aged 0 to 6 months. It acts as a barrier and enclosure to help your little one sleep better.

Folding Bathtub · 79€

Folding and portable Stokke bathtub with accessory for bathing newborns. Suitable from 0 to 3/4 years.

Bathtub Stand · 69€

Folding stand for the Stokke folding bathtub. Takes up little space, and your back will thank you.

Chicco Carrier · 69€

Promotes the proper M-shaped leg posture for the baby and maintains the spine with its C-shaped form.

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