Ear Piercing

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Midwives are the health professionals best prepared to pierce your baby’s ears. They can guarantee the best care of your child.

We know that a baby’s first earrings are a special moment, it is something that will remain with your child their whole life!

Our highly experienced midwife goes to your home and use the safest and most aseptic materials and techniques to ensure the safety of your baby.

The technique is carried out with care and precision for newborn babies and children up to 10 years old. It is completely silent, preventing your baby from being frightened by the noise.

You can use your earrings or choose between the hypoallergenic ones we have.

Why Ear Piercing At-Home With Bel & Mums?

Choosing the ear-piercing service at your own home provides a unique and personalized experience that prioritizes the comfort and safety of your daughter, whether she’s a baby or a young girl (up to 10 years old). In a familiar and comfortable environment, the child is in a warm space, contributing to her sense of well-being and tranquility. Moreover, having the procedure at home does not limit resources to alleviate pain: we bring a local anesthetic with us to provide the best care.

After the ear-piercing, we will stay in touch with you if needed for perfect healing and to address any questions.

Having the attention of a midwife specialized in ear-piercing establishes a trust bond that is crucial in such a delicate moment, allowing for a calmer and stress-free process for the child and their parents.

Additionally, personalized attention at home provides the flexibility to choose the most suitable moment, respecting the rhythm and individual needs of the family, creating a meaningful and positive memory in a familiar and welcoming environment.

For moms or dads who want to share the experience with their baby, you can get a second earring that matches theirs, creating a shared experience and look! Ask about the conditions!

We provide service in Madrid and surrounding areas with additional fees for travel outside the M-30, M-40, and M-50.

Our Earrings

We offer various models of hypoallergenic earrings included in the price, but we also give you the option to use your own, as long as they are suitable for the child’s skin.

We Adapt To Your Needs!


We can use either of the two languages in our visits!


No trips required. In the comfort and privacy of your home.

Whenever you need

Contact us and we’ll try to schedule an appointment for you very soon.

Book Your Ear-Piercing At-Home Visit



English or Spanish

Done by a Midwife

With our hypoallergenic earrings or yours

Sterilized technique (bye-bye germs)


Surcharges for trips outside M-30

90€ +

If you have any questions about our Ear-Piercing service, feel free to contact us!

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