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Hi! I’m Belén, Midwife, Paediatric Nurse and a Certified Sleep Consultant

My name is Belén Chocano, I am fully dedicated to help women like you to reach a good experience during the maternity period. On this page you will find everything you need to know me a bit better…

Let’s start!

I qualified 10 years ago as a midwife in England (London) after having worked 6 years as a paediatric nurse in Spain (Madrid). I also quailified as a Sleep Consultant in England (London) 5 years ago.

During the first years working as a midwife I understood that what I really enjoyed about my job, was helping the expecting mother to learn and get ready for the changes that the birth of a child brings as well as looking after her the following months of motherhood.

I then decided to create Bel&Mums, to be able to offer continuous care from pregnancy till the first months after labour. I realised that this preparation and support helped the couple to adapt easier to the new situation putting off fears and insecurities to promote the wellbeing of all the members of the family.

Our Lovely Team

Hello! I'm Irene, child psychologist, educational psychologist and sleep consultant

I am a child psychologist and psychopedagogue, I have experience in different fields, but especially with children. I empathize a lot with the children but also with the parents to be able to help more quickly to improve the situation in which they find themselves. In addition, I am the mother of 3 little boys which gives me a lot of experience in the first stages of babies.

Qualifications and degrees: Clinical Psychology and Master in Educational Psychology

Hi! I'm Carola, nurse and sleep consultant

I am a nurse, specialized in night care of newborn babies. As a mother of 3 children, I adapt to any complicated situation that may arise in order to resolve it, always adapting to the environment of the parents.

Motherhood is a wonderful moment that, on many occasions, is a challenge. With knowledge, closeness and empathy, I intend to accompany you during this learning process and help you improve the quality of sleep of your children, and therefore, of the whole family.

Qualifications and degrees: Nursing

Hey! I'm Ana, paediatrician

Paediatric Residency at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital, in Madrid (2017-2021) Associate Physician in Paediatric Emergencies at Gregorio Marañón (2021- present). Master in Paediatric Emergencies (2021).

I have also worked in Primary Care and at Hospital Infanta Leonor. I belong to the SEUP Work Groups on Bedside Ultrasound and Humanization and Patient Experience

Research lines: improvement of discharge instructions and health education.

Qualifications and degrees: Paediatrics

Hello! I am María, nurse and midwife

After specializing as a Mental Health nurse I trained in England as a midwife. I worked there for 9 wonderful years that taught me to love my profession even more.

Now from Bel & Mums I will try to pass on all my experience to help you enjoy as much as possible this stage that is so intense and incredible at the same time.

Certifications and titles: Nursing + Midwife

Hi! I am Julia, midwife

I qualified as a nurse and then as a midwife in Madrid, I have worked in many hospitals in Madrid and I am also a professor at the university (paediatrics and obstetrics subjects).

I put all my knowledge and effort to help families like yours going through your first weeks of parenthood. These are amazing but can also get challenging, so I will help you feel accompanied and well supported to make sure you and your baby are well and healthy.

Qualifications and Degrees: Nursery + Midwifery

Hey! I am Lucía, midwife

I have worked as a midwife and nurse in the UK and Spain.

I dedicated these years to offer care, support and education for mums and mums-to-be.

Qualifications and Degrees: Nursery + Midwifery

Hello! I am Elena, I manage the online customer relationship

For many years I have been helping companies with their clients relationship and being at Bel&Mums feels so right as I love helping families and feel so identified with each of you.

Qualifications and degrees: Marketing


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