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We know that the first few weeks after your labour is the time when you need more support from midwives to ensure your stitches and recovery, the breast or formula feeding, your baby’s umbilical cord, jaundice and weight among others are going well.

We want to make your experience wonderful. We will be there to give you tips and solve your questions to make you feel safe and accompanied by our experienced midwife that will hold your hand though this wonderful but also challenging experience of becoming a mum.

We have brought the good habit of the UK Community Midwives to Madrid, so you and your baby can be cared for at home during the first 2 weeks or more while landing into your motherhood.

You will have regular visits at home after your baby is born and you will be provided with our contact for doubts that may need to be sorted before the next visit.

At each visit we will perfom a full check up for you and your baby:
We check your stitches, uterus involution, general state, labour aftermaths, breastfeeding guidance, BP, etc..
We weigh your newborn, monitor physiological jaundice, umbilical cord, feeding, etc.

What Do We Do During The Visits?

  • Achieving successful breastfeeding
  • Providing advice based on your individual circumstances
  • Assisting you with your recovery


  • Mother and Baby assesment on every visit
  • Monitoring of jaundice, weight, umbilical cord, and overall condition of the baby, including breastfeeding

What To Expect From Our Postnatal Care?

Trust our midwives and ensure an optimal and empowered landing into your new life as a mom!

All of this will be done over 10 or 20 days, if you are booking at-home Postnatal Visits and depending on the plan you choose.

You can also book our Postnatal Care Online Consultations if you are not in Madrid but want to benefit from our postnatal care.

This service is covered by some health insurance policies with a reimbursement option, so if you have one, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it! You can check here which insurances provide this coverage.

We Adapt To Your Needs!


We can use either of the two languages in our visits. Just let us know before booking.


Consultations can take place either at-home or remotely.

Whenever you need us

You can also consult us in-between visits.

Choose Your Postnatal Care Plan

Remember that this service is covered by certain reimbursement policies, up to 90% of its cost. You can check here some of the insurance companies that provide this coverage.

Remote Midwife

Online Plan

English or Spanish

Daily 30 min. consultation for the first 4 days.

3 extra 30 min. calls on alternate days since the last consultation

Same Midwife all along

Remotely, from anywhere in the world

Covered by reimbursement policies


At-Home Midwife

10-DAY Plan

English or Spanish

3 x 50 min. visits during the first 10 days post-partum

Availability for consultations in-between visits

Same Midwife all along

At-home in Madrid (inner M-50)

Covered by reimbursement policies


At-Home Midwife

20-DAY Plan

English or Spanish

6 x 50 min. visits during the first 20 days post-partum

Availability for consultations in-between visits

Same Midwife all along

At-home in Madrid (inner M-50)

Covered by reimbursement policies


Insurance Companies That Cover Our Services

Our services are covered by health insurance only if you have a reimbursement policy. Here are some examples of insurances that cover our services up to 90%. We recommend checking with your insurance company regarding the coverage of your reimbursement policy for this particular service.

Plus Ultra

If you have any questions about our Postnatal Visits, get in touch with us!

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