Maternity School

Hello! I am Belén, midwife and pediatric nurse

For 9 years now, I have worked in many of the best obstetric hospitals in central London. I have helped hundreds of women throughout their pregnancies, labours and first weeks after birth. I am also an experienced pediatric nurse and my care is focused on newborns. During the past few years in London I also qualified as an Infant Sleep Specialist (top level) and help babies to get a good quality sleep.

My biggest passion is helping and supporting women like you through your motherhood.

Qualifications and degrees: Nurse (Spain) + Pediatric Specialist Nurse (Spain) + Midwife (UK)+ Postgraduate Degree in Midwifery (UK)+ Sleep Consultant top level (UK)

My classes and prenatal courses follow five principles:

To ensure the best quality, the courses are in small groups. You also have the possibility to make the preparations privately.

Unlike other antenatal courses, this is interactive and dynamic.

Being an experienced midwife and pediatric nurse helps me to provide with the best quality and useful information.

You can count on me throughout the process if you have any doubts.

You will be able to make friends with other parents in your same situation and build a supporting network so that you will always feel accompanied and understood.

Hello! I am Ana, the coordinator

I worked in finance and retail management for almost 15 years in both, Spain and the UK. I lately decided to move my career to help women like you to have a good maternity experience

I look forward to be as helpful as possible to you and make Bel&Mums grow so we can help more families

Qualifications and degrees: MBA - Business Admin.

Hello! I am Luz, pedagogue and infant school teacher

I worked a as a Pedagogue and Infant Teacher at well known Montesory schools in Madrid for almost 10 years. My experience as a mum of 4 and my two degrees and experience in infant education make me understand well the behaviours and their reactions to the changes during sleep plans.

I endeavour to be as empathetic and helpful as posible with families like yours and your little ones to get you all a good quality sleep

Qualifications and degrees: Pedagogue + Infant Teacher

Hello! I am Julia, midwife

I qualified as a nurse and then as a midwife in Madrid, I have worked in many hospitals in Madrid and am also a teacher at the university (pediatrics and obstetrics subjects).

I put all my knowledge and effort to help families like yours going trough your first weeks of parenthood. They are amazing but can also get challenging, so I will help you feel accompanied and well supported to make sure you and your baby are well and healthy.

Hello! I am Elena, I manage the online customer relationship

For many years I have been helping companies with their cliente relationship and being at Bel&Mums feels so right as I love helping families and feel so identified with each of you.

Qualifications and degrees: Marketing

Bel&Mums - Maternity School in Madrid and London


We are aware that many women in Madrid or in London do not speak the language and we believe it is important to be able to participate in these courses being able to express themselves in the language that makes them feel more comfortable.


In order to be well prepared to give birth and for motherhood, it is also important to understand how the local system works, avoiding surprises that could spoil your experience.

I hope that Bel&Mums will make you feel better supported and enables you to become more confident about labour, birth, and parenthood whilst enjoying, getting involved and making friends.

  • I highly recommend Bel&Mums’ antenatal course. I took it with my husband and we both found it very interesting. Belén provided us with very useful information about the NHS system, preparation to birth, stages of labour and baby care. She answered all of our questions and we now feel a lot more confident for the arrival of our baby.
  • Took a 3 hr first aid class with Belen and found it very interesting and well structured, we learned a lot.
  • Amazing caring midwife with years of experience. Me and my husband did the prenatal course with her and we absolutely loved it, I felt much better prepared and ready for the delivery of my son, knowing what to do and what to expect gave me confidence. I did also with Bel the first aid course for babies, another must do to feel secure in case of an emergency.
  • Divya S.
    Bel is really wonderful and knowledgeable. We took private classes with her and the content was very much tailored to what we wanted to talk about and discuss. As first time parents she made us feel very comfortable and helped us a lot with the whole preparation for having a baby and post baby care of mother/child. I would highly recommend Bel for any consulting services and will be using her help again when the little one arrives. The good part is she stays in touch with for any further questions or doubts even after the classes so it's always great to get back to her with any doubts or query.
    Divya S.
  • Juan M.
    As first time parents, questions and doubts are more than ever. We took Belen's antenatal course as we were thinking we were not ready for our first baby.

We can only say that it has been one of our best decisions ever. Belen walked us through all the stages: - preparation to labour, labour and baby's care once been birth- and explained and clarified everything in detail, stopping and answering all questions whenever needed. Being completely honest, I think we are now ready for what is coming.

We only have good words for Belen, she is a high profile professional and takes care of every detail thus we would recommend anyone with the same concerns we had to take Belen's courses.
    Juan M.
  •  Guiomar M.
    We had three of Bel's courses (labour & maternity, breastfeeding and first aid) and absolutely loved them. It really helped us to understand the whole birth experience and be better prepared as a result. Bel has a fantastic knowledge of NHS procedures and she will help you to achieve the best possible experience. She is a great communicator and very friendly, making it a super enjoyable experience. She was also very accommodating and available to answer any queries even following the birth of our child. Overall, her courses are a must if you want to have a good understanding of all that's coming!
    Guiomar M.
  • Pablo M.
    My wife and I just took the antenatal preparation induction even though we already have a 2 years old child. I have to say we were extremely impressed with the quality and level of detail of the contain. I do encourage everybody to take this course despite previous experiences. Thanks Belen, you are a superstar!
    Pablo M.
  • Clara G.
    My husband and I attended the First Aid Course for babies in London and it was great! We learnt so much and I now feel we have the confidence to cope with an emergency - which we hope that we will never need to use! 
It was very enjoyable & highly recommended course for everyone but especially for all PARENTS! 
Thank you again Belen!
    Clara G.

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