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Breastfeeding is the best gift you can give your baby and it is very comforting, but it requires effort and dedication, often even the help of breastfeeding experts. We will help you align expectations and avoid complications that often lead to a forced cessation of breastfeeding.

We have a very extensive experience in lactation and this is, of course, the heart of the matter when it comes to lactation consultations. We have helped more than 1,000 mothers to achieve successful breastfeeding and that makes us effective, having developed a great clinical eye that allows us to detect the problem and solve it effectively. We understand that each breast, mother, baby, mouth, nipple, is a world! Not all of us function the same way and our babies either!

In our hands you will be cared for and respected in the comfort of your home.

Our 3 midwives are highly trained in breastfeeding, including the detection and cutting of the sublingual frenulum which, in 1 in 10 babies, will create real difficulties for breastfeeding, preventing your enjoyment and comfort and good nutrition for your baby. You should know that less than 0.5% of midwives and lactation consultants are trained in this field in Madrid.

If you are not in Madrid or the assessment of the baby’s latch or mouth is not necessary, you have the option of taking an online lactation consultation (you can book it below). In any case, we prefer that you contact us beforehand to guide you and assess the problem.


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We Can Help You In Two Ways

If you’re a first-time mom, attempting breastfeeding for the first time, or aiming to improve from previous experiences and you are still pregnant, we’ve prepared a comprehensive online breastfeeding course just for you. In it, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to establish effective and uncomplicated breastfeeding for both you and your baby. This course is straight to the point, providing useful information to genuinely assist you in establishing a good breastfeeding routine and avoiding common mistakes.

On the other hand, if you require a personal consultation, whether online or in person, the Bel & Mums midwifery team will assess your situation and provide the best solution tailored to your circumstances.

Below, you’ll find more information about the course and consultations:


If you’re still pregnant, we highly recommend starting to prepare with this course to avoid common mistakes, saving yourself moments of distress and achieving successful and enjoyable breastfeeding right from the first day!

What will you learn in the online Breastfeeding Course?

  • Key benefits of breastfeeding
  • How to regulate your milk production
  • Pacifiers and bottles
  • Proper latch and positioning
  • Which breast to offer each time
  • Common breastfeeding positions
  • What to expect in the first few days
  • Essential purchases
  • The breastfeeding crisis
  • Crucial tips

This course is designed for practical women who want the most important information and useful tips and techniques to successfully establish breastfeeding. The lessons get straight to the point so you can retain all the teachings, making a difference when the time comes to start breastfeeding your baby. Additionally, being an online course allows you to adapt it to your schedule and review it as many times as needed.

You can sign up for our Online Breastfeeding Course here and enjoy unlimited access for 4 months from the date of purchase.

We’re confident that you won’t need anything else to establish breastfeeding without issues, but if unexpected challenges arise, or if the situation becomes complicated, remember that you can request a Personal Consultation with our team of midwives.


At times, mothers and babies may encounter issues during breastfeeding, such as nipple pain, difficulties with the baby’s latch, suction challenges, the presence of a sublingual frenulum, or insufficient milk supply. That’s why it’s sometimes necessary to consult with a midwife before discontinuing breastfeeding.

At Bel & Mums, we asess each case thoroughly, providing advice and guidance to offer the solution that best suits you and your baby.

Our three midwives are extensively trained in lactation, including the detection and cutting of the tongue-tie, which, in 1 out of every 10 babies, can create real difficulties for breastfeeding, hindering your enjoyment and comfort, and your baby’s proper nutrition. It’s important to note that less than 0.5% of midwives and lactation consultants are trained in this field in Madrid.

If you’re not in Madrid or a physical assessment of the baby’s latch or mouth is not necessary, we offer the option to book an online lactation consultation. Nevertheless, if you’re unsure about your needs, it’s better to contact us beforehand to guide you and assess the issue.

Our Personal Breastfeeding Consultation service is covered by some health insurance policies with a reimbursement option. You can check them here.


¡Nos adaptamos a vosotras!


We can use either of the two languages in our consultations!


If you’re not in Madrid, we can meet remotely from anywhere else


We adjust to your situation and your preferences as a mother.

Enroll Or Book A Breastfeeding Consultation

Breastfeeding Course


In Spanish with English captions

1 hour

10 video lessons

Written tips for you to have at hand

Remotely from anywhere in the world

4-months unlimited availability


Breastfeeding Consultation


English or Spanish

1 hour

85% problem-solving success rate

At-home in Madrid

Surcharge outside M-30

115€ +

Breastfeeding Consultation


English or Spanish

40 minutes

Para solucionar problema de agarre recomendamos cita a domicilio

98% problem-solving success rate

Remotely from anywhere in the world

Voice or video call


Insurance Companies That Cover Our Services

Our services are covered by health insurance only if you have a reimbursement policy. Here are some examples of insurances that cover our services up to 90%. We recommend checking with your insurance company regarding the coverage of your reimbursement policy for our services.

Plus Ultra

Get ready with Bel & Mums for a wonderful breastfeeding journey! And if you have any questions, contact us and we’ll help you out:

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