Antenatal Course

· 4 Week Course·

We know having a new baby in a foreign country can feel overwhelming and lonely. Our Prenatal classes in Madrid are interactive and enjoyable, and you will feel respected and supported while pregnant in Madrid.

This complete course is taught by midwives, experts in prenatal and postnatal care so you will learn up to date information and techniques for labour, recovery and first weeks when your baby comes, including feedings, nappy changes, working with your body in a safe, respectful and effective way, as well as getting to know how local maternity systems work in Madrid.

At Bel&Mums we advocate for an empowering birth and parenting, placing a lot of importance on the mother’s mental and physical well-being. We want you to understand that you can make your choices, and feel confident about them.

Our courses are made to be intimate and to provide the best attention to your specific situation and needs, that is why we have limited places.

The English-speaking community:

We know how valuable is to have a supporting network of English-speaking expats in Madrid during this special time in your life. We are taking it seriously to strengthen the group’s friendship even more and help you meet local parents going through the same experiences as you.


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Check out the stories from Mums and Dads who’ve taken our Prenatal Course, don’t miss their testimonials – you’ll love them!

With Our Prenatal Course You Will Learn…


  • How to identify you are really in labour and what to do
  • Stages of labour and what to do in events like water breaking, mucus plug release, etc
  • How to favor your labour progress in a safe way
  • Theoretical-practical session about how to deal with labour pain
  • In which cases you will need medical intervention and what it involves
  • Pushing and how to avoid tearing
  • Your mood and hormones after labour and what helps
  • How to self-care after your labour
  • Newborn care
  • Your partner’s role in the whole process

    Why should you enroll?

    Our Prenatal course is very practical and informative so you and your partner will learn all you need to know in one month(4 sessions during a month, 1 session a week)! It is not only a course but a nice experience that includes: 

    Early session: Bumps Tea to meet other parents to be – Q&A and introduction of how the Spanish system works for pregnancy.

    1st session: Labour part 1
     Theoretical knowledge (interactive) about: How the body works in labour and how to work as a team with your partner and your body for the best results.

    2nd session: Labour part 2
    Practical knowledge about: Movements that favour labour, breathing the contractions, pushing, and much more to practice!

    3rd session: Postnatal cares and what to expect physically and emotionally.
    **This session is online and will be further discussed in session 4 in case there are questions about it.

    4th session: Newborn baby cares and “the final practical workshop”!!
    We will tell you more about it as the course advances…you will love this final touch!!

    Drinks and nibbles social event for the couples after the end of the course!

    You can attend your Early session between your 12 and 20 week of pregnancy before starting the Antenatal course 🙂 You must book this session separately from your Antenatal course.

    You can start your Antenatal Course from your week 24 of pregnancy(or earlier if you prefer!) and you should finish it not later than week 37 of pregnancy.
    Book your Antenatal course according to your due date.

    **If you miss your Early session before your Antenatal course don’t worry, you can catch up during the course with the other couples 🙂

    Our Prenatal Course is covered by some reimbursement insurance policies, which you can check here.

    We Adapt To Your Needs!

    Spanish or English

    We can use either of the two languages in our courses!

    In-Person or Remotely

    The same course from wherever you want.


    Also available as a private course at the location of your choice.

    Book The Two First Sessions Now!

    If you have reimbursement insurance policy, it may cover our course. Check them out here..

    Antenatal Course

    4 Sessions


    Early session + 4 sessions

    With your couple (you can also enjoy it on your own)

    Combines in-person and online sessions

    Covered by reimbursement policies

    380€ /couple

    Insurance Companies That Cover Our Course

    Our services are covered by health insurance only if you have a reimbursement policy. Here are some examples of insurances that cover our services up to 90%. We recommend checking with your insurance company regarding the coverage of your reimbursement policy for our course.

    Plus Ultra

    If you have any questions about our childbirth preparation course or want to book a private session, get in touch with us!

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