Natural Birth Course - Hypnobirth

We teach you very efficient techniques used in preparation for natural labour with Hypnobirthing. It involves the internalisation of the knowledge and techniques that result on a self control feeling and fearless birth. It contributes to create a positive and empowering experience to women. Hypnobirthing labours tend to be shorter and uncomplicated, with the positive consequences it brings to both, mother and baby.

To be able to implement this techniques on an effective way, you will need to practice the techniques learned in the course. We provide you with Hypnobirthing material so you can practice at home and get the best results.

The course is designed to be done with your partner but if you prefer to come alone you will also enjoy it highly.

This course is offered in ENGLISH and SPANISH.



If you prefer, you can have a PRIVATE COURSE.

You will learn:

  • Breathing exercises.
  • Deep relaxation.
  • Visualisation.
  • Effective work to release fear and build confidence.
  • Comforting massage for labour.
  • Role of the partner.
  • How your body is designed to give birth in an efficient and comfortable way.
  • Hypnobirthing practice.
  • How the mind and body work together during labour.


  • This course is in English, for Spanish please switch to Spanish (web menu)
  • 5 h in total
  • 2 sessions (2.5 h per session)
  • Máximum of 6 couples to ensure the best quality
  • Come with your birth partner if possible
  • Material included
  • 170 € /couple