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At Bel&Mums we want you to feel better supported so you become more confident about labour, birth, and parenthood whilst enjoying, getting involved and making friends!


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Our lovely families share their experience at Bel & Mums with you firsthand! Don’t miss it!

The best way to introduce ourselves is through the testimonials of families who were once in your shoes… and they reached out to us.

We pierced our 2 month old daughter’s ears using Bel & Mums service with their matrona Julia. It was really convenient to be able to have her come to our home, making it very comfortable for all of us. The process was pain free and quick, and Julia explained what we had to do during and after. Well worth it!

A Begum

Ear Piercing at Home

I attended a fantastic baby/child first aid course, run by Belén. It was excellent. Belén made what can be a very confusing series of topics very easy to follow, and I left the course feeling empowered to be able to take action if my child (or someone else’s) has an accident. I especially liked that we were able to practice CPR on baby- and child-sized CPR-dolls. Thank you Belén!

James Blick

First Aid Course

My partner and I found the prenatal course very informative and led by experienced midwives. The setting was in a relaxed environment that helped us to absorb all the information. We are new to Spain so it was particularly helpful to know the differences in the Spanish healthcare system for both private and public hospitals. I would recommend this course!

Hannah Chung

Prenatal Course

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We are aware that many women in Madrid do not speak the language and we believe it is important to be able to participate in these courses being able to express yourselves in the language that makes you feel more comfortable.

In order to be well prepared to give birth and for motherhood, it is also important to understand how the local system works, avoiding surprises that could spoil your experience.


Bel & Mums’ Team

For 9 years now, I have worked in many of the best obstetric hospitals in central London. I have helped hundreds of women throughout their pregnancies, labours and first weeks after birth. I am also an experienced pediatric nurse and my care is focused on newborns. During the past few years in London I also qualified as an Infant Sleep Specialist (top level) and help babies to get a good quality sleep.

My biggest passion is helping and supporting women like you through your motherhood.

Qualifications and degrees: Nurse (Spain) + Pediatric Specialist Nurse (Spain) + Midwife (UK)+ Postgraduate Degree in Midwifery (UK)+ Sleep Consultant top level (UK)

My classes and prenatal courses follow five principles:

To ensure the best quality, the courses are in small groups. You also have the possibility to make the preparations privately.

Unlike other antenatal courses, this is interactive and dynamic.

Being an experienced midwife and pediatric nurse helps me to provide with the best quality and useful information.

You can count on me throughout the process if you have any doubts.

You will be able to make friends with other parents in your same situation and build a supporting network so that you will always feel accompanied and understood.

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