Hello! I am Belén, midwife, pediatric nurse and sleep consultant

My name is Belén Chocano,I am fully dedicated to help women like you to reach a good experience during the maternity period. On this page you will find everything you need to know me a bit better...

Let's start!

I qualified 10 years ago as a midwife in England (London) after having worked 6 years as a paediatric nurse in Spain (Madrid). I also quailified as a Sleep Consultant in England (London) 3 years ago

During the first years working as a midwife I understood that what I really enjoyed about my job, was helping the expecting mother to learn and get ready for the changes that the birth of a child brings as well as looking after her the following months of motherhood.

I then decided to create Bel&Mums, to be able to offer continuous care from pregnancy till the first months after labour . I realised that this preparation helped the couple to adapt easier to the new situation putting off fears and insecurities to promote the wellbeing of all the members of the family.

Hello! I am Ana, the coordinator

I worked in finance and retail management for almost 15 years in both, Spain and the UK. I lately decided to move my career to help women like you to have a good maternity experience.

I look forward to be as helpful as possible to you and make Bel&Mums grow so we can help more families.

Qualifications and degrees: MBA - Business Admin.

Hello! I am Luz, pedagogue and infant school teacher

I worked a as a Pedagogue and Infant Teacher at well known Montessori schools in Madrid for almost 10 years. My experience as a mum of 4 and my two degrees and experience in infant education make me understand well the behaviours and reactions to the changes during sleep plans.

I endeavour to be as empathetic and helpful as posible with families like yours and your little ones to get you all a good quality sleep

Qualifications and degrees: Pedagogue + Infant Teacher

Hello! I'm Irene, psychologist, educational psychologist and sleep consultant

I am a psychologist and psychopedagogue, I have experience in different fields, but especially in children. I empathize a lot with the children but also with the parents to be able to help more quickly to improve the situation in which they find themselves. In addition, I am the mother of 3 little boys who give me a lot of experience in the first stages of babies.

Qualifications and degrees: Clinical Psychology and Master in Educational Psychology

Hello! I am María, nurse and midwife

After specializing as a Mental Health nurse I trained in England as a midwife. I worked there for 9 wonderful years that taught me to love my profession even more.

Now from Bel & Mums I will try to pass on all my experience to help you enjoy as much as possible this stage that is so intense and incredible at the same time.

Certifications and titles: Nursing + Midwife

Hello! I am Julia, midwife

I qualified as a nurse and then as a midwife in Madrid, I have worked in many hospitals in Madrid and I am also a professor at the university (pediatrics and obstetrics subjects).

I put all my knowledge and effort to help families like yours going through your first weeks of parenthood. These are amazing but can also get challenging, so I will help you feel accompanied and well supported to make sure you and your baby are well and healthy.

Qualifications and Degrees: Nursery + Midwifery

Hello! I am Lucía, midwife

I have worked as a midwife and nurse in the UK and Spain.

I dedicated these years to offer care, support and education for mums and mums-to-be.

Qualifications and Degrees: Nursery + Midwifery

Hello! I am Elena, I manage the online customer relationship

For many years I have been helping companies with their clients relationship and being at Bel&Mums feels so right as I love helping families and feel so identified with each of you.

Qualifications and degrees: Marketing

Hello! I am Bibiana, customer service

I have several years of experience working in the customer service industry. My main goal with Bel and Mums is to make sure you have access to exact information and advice from our great team of experts, so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

How can I help you?


Starting from the 9 months of pregnancy in which lots of doubts rise up, everything is new and you need more than ever that professional support that clears up questions.


In small groups or privately where you receive a specific guide taking into account your individual situation, your strengths and weaknesses, your particular fears and hopes.


If during pregnancy you had doubts, during this period the doubt has you. It is very common to question the wellbeing of your baby every minute or the postpartum infirmities and is very important to have the support needed at any time.

How did I decide to create Bel&Mums

While working as a midwife, after seeing the big difference between labours from those women that received a great prenatal courses against the ones that received a regular one.

I clearly saw that the ones that were well trained, enjoyed their delivery because there were in control at all times and were able to put in practice the techniques learned that favor labour progression. These women use to have wonderful experiences and kept a memory both nice and empowering from their births.

I then started to get interested from the different labour preparation courses, I attended many different models as a midwife assistant. I quickly realized that the key was the use of the most efficient techniques plus a good experienced instructor that is able to explain it on an easy and clear way.

In 2015 I created Bel&Mums in London. I started with Prenatal Courses, many women asked me to extend my services and classes to get more complete education and care including postnatal cares at their homes. That way I started to do follow ups during pregnancy, postnatal visits, breastfeeding support, etc.

Now my new project has been bringing to Spain all I learned in the UK and help many other women to go through this period with a smile, feeling accompanied and empowered.

My training as a midwife ,paediatric nurse and sleep consultant


Undergraduate Diploma in Nursing
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

UK Reg: 12J03070C
Spain Reg: 54342


Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery
University College London Hospital/City University London

UK Reg:12J0307C
Spain Reg: 54342


Specialist in Pediatrics
OPE (public examination) Comunidad de Madrid

Spain Reg: 54342


Infant Sleep Trainer (level 5)
London School of Childcare Studies, London. UK