Refreshing Antenatal Course

This course is addressed to those mums who have gone through this before and want to refresh their knowledge, update, learn new things and enjoy at a maximum level the experience of giving birth. It is an interactive course where you will feel comfortable and supported.

  • Would you prefer a preparation for natural birth (without epidural)? Your course is Hypnobirth

  • Offered in ENGLISH and SPANISH.


    ONLINE modality available.

    Private course available at your home.

    You will learn:

    • Changes among the first and subsequent labours.
    • Stages of labour and how to favour your labour progress in a safe way.
    • Teorethical-practical session about how to deal with labour pain.
    • Pushing and how to avoid tearing.
    • Main points of newborn cares.
    • Birth exercises to be commenced from 30w if baby's head is down.
    • Tips to cope with older sibling's jealousy.


    • 2 sessions
    • 2 h
    • Total: 4 h
    • £ 200 € /couple