Gift protection and care, gift Bel&Mums

Do you need an idea for a gift? Our courses and services are perfect to give away to your loved ones.

Just let us know on your booking and we will send you a gift card that you will be able to send digitally or print to give away to the lucky one.

• Offer rest. Our sleep trainings help little ones to rest better (and also help parents when they see their babies are sleeping well!).

• Our Prenatal Courses are an original gift for mums and dads to be that will help them to be calmer and get ready for the last weeks of pregnancy, labour and the baby's first needs. Online or in person.

• The Postnatal Visits at Home will comfort and guide parents through the baby's first weeks. Our midwife will go to their home in Madrid to make sure the baby and their mum are okay.

• With a breastfeeding consultation with our expert midwives in Madrid or online, you can help your friend to find solutions to possible challenges that occur during breastfeeding.

• What about gifting them the ear piercing for babies? Our highly experienced midwife goes to their home and use the safest and most aseptic materials and techniques to ensure the safety of their baby.

• With our First Aid Course for babies and children This course combines theory and supervised practice and it is addressed to parents and any person under the care of a minor.