Ear piercing for babies

Midwives are the health professionals best prepared to pierce your baby’s ears. They can guarantee the best care of your child.

We know that a baby's first earrings are a special moment, it is something that will be with your child all their life!

Our highly experienced midwife goes to your home and use the safest and most aseptic materials and techniques to ensure the safety of your baby.

The technique is carried out with care and precision newborn babies and up to 10 years old. It is completely silent, preventing your baby from being frightened by the noise.

You can use your earrings or choose between the hypoallergenic ones we have.

For us it is very important that you have a positive experience, which is why we always look for ways to relax the baby in your arms or breast. We also value other natural analgesia techniques such as white noise or swaddling.

After your visit, we keep in touch with you and follow-up for a perfect healing and clear up any questions that might come up.

You can book your midwife visit at home right now!