Course for Nannies

Often parents need to leave their baby under the care of a family member or other person. We want you to feel confident leaving your baby in the best hands. That is why we created this course, to qualify those people that occasionally look after your baby.

We ensure they learn all they need to know during our practical-teorethical course and, if wished, we send you an individual feedback report.

This course is offered in ENGLISH and SPANISH.


If you don't live in Madrid or London, we can use the ONLINE modality.

If you prefer, we can do the course privately at your home.

What they will learn:

  • Care of the umbilical cord.
  • Care of the eyes, skin, and other sensitive areas of the newborn's body.
  • Newborn bath.
  • How to calm an unsettled newborn.
  • Nappy change and baby's bottom.
  • How to hold them in a safe way.
  • Common alerts and risks.


  • 1 session
  • 2 h per session
  • 2 h in total
  • Request the schedule
  • £ 100 €