Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding is the best gift you can give your baby and it is very comforting, but it requires effort and dedication, often even the help of breastfeeding experts. We will help you align expectations and avoid complications that often lead to a forced cessation of breastfeeding.

We have a very extensive experience in lactation and this is, of course, the heart of the matter when it comes to lactation consultations. We have helped more than 1,000 mothers to achieve successful breastfeeding and that makes us effective, having developed a great clinical eye that allows us to detect the problem and solve it effectively. We understand that each breast, mother, baby, mouth, nipple, is a world! Not all of us function the same way and our babies either!

In our hands you will be cared for and respected in the comfort of your home.

Our 3 midwives are highly trained in breastfeeding,including the detection and cutting of the sublingual frenulum which, in 1 in 10 babies, will create real difficulties for breastfeeding, preventing your enjoyment and comfort and good nutrition for your baby. You should know that less than 0.5% of midwives and lactation consultants are trained in this field in Madrid.

If you are not in Madrid or the assessment of the baby's latch or mouth is not necessary, you have the option of taking an online lactation consultation(you can book it below). In any case, we prefer that you contact us beforehand to guide you and assess the problem.

  • ONLINE COURSE: If you are still pregnant, we recommend that you start preparing to avoid the most common mistakes, preventing moments of suffering and achieving successful and pleasant breastfeeding from the first day! It is an online course so you can adjust it to your schedules. It is a very useful course that goes to the important things that will make a difference, with very useful techniques and aimed at practical women who want to take away all the most important tips to improve their breastfeeding experience.

    Book here our ONLINE BREASTFEEDING COURSE and enjoy it for 1 month (you will be able to access as many times as you want during a month)

    Book here and you can choose the time and day of your consultation. If you have a lot of urgency, contact us and we will try to find you a little space before!



    • Contact me to set a time
    • up to 1 h
    • Madrid
    • 100 €
    • 100 €


    • Contact me to set a time
    • From wherever you are
    • up to 1h
    • 70 €
    • 70 €

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