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16 September, 2018
prenatal course madrid

6 good reasons to join a prenatal class in Madrid

You are pregnant! Congratulations! I’m sure that a thousand questions come to your head… maybe you are wondering if you should attend to a prenatal course. Is it worthy? My short answer: […]
25 July, 2018
epidural painfree labour

Complete guide: epidural for a painfree labour

What is an epidural? Epidural is a type of anesthesia that diminishes or suppresses the contraction pain when you are in labour. It suppresses the sensitivity from the top of your abdomen […]
18 July, 2018

Postpartum during the summer

Managing heat during postnatal period in summer The comfortless of heat makes things more difficult and, if it is not managed properly, it can worsen your mood. Your hormonal changes, flushes, tiredness, […]