Sleep Training (baby & child)

I would love to walk with you during this process and be your source of support and high standard knowledge. Being a paediatric nurse and midwife helps me understand the hole picture and enables me to tailor made the most adequate and effective plan so your infant gets his deserved quality sleep (and you as well).

When a baby or child sleeps unwell this impacts every member of the family including himself. I can help you fixing this problem so the family issue finishes and every member can enjoy the days feeling well rested, energetic and getting rid of the emotional and physical side effects of sleep deprivation.

We will create a personalised effective plan so your infant will rest better becoming a happier and more content child.


• If your infant wakes up often and can't sleep through the night.

• If your little one has become dependent on you to get to sleep.

• If he is waking too early.

• If he argues and resists strongly going to bed and becomes a challenge every night.

• If he needs to sleep on your bed

• If he needs rocking, feeding or cuddling to sleep.

• If he is waking over night and coming to your bedroom.

• If he became dummy-dependent to fall asleep.


  • English or Spanish-speaking
  • From 5,5 months old till 2,5 years old (if your baby is not 4m yet he wouldn't benefit from a plan, but there are many things you could do to improve her sleep. Book a sleep consultation!).
  • The highest quality and personalised Sleep Plan for your infant (taking into account your needs and personalities)
  • 2 weeks guidance and support to implement the plan
  • Trainer: Belen Chocano (Infant Sleep Consultant (level 5) + Midwife + Paediatric Nurse)
  • Contact [email protected] if you want to know our current waiting list
  • Best guidance and support
  • Remote support. No matter where you live in the world!
  • Price: 524€


  • English or Spanish-speaking
  • Tips and guidance tailor made for you and your baby to obtain the best sleep posible for your baby
  • 45m consultation
  • Trainer: Belen Chocano (Infant Sleep Consultant (level 5) + Midwife + Paediatric Nurse)
  • From birth till 4 months old.
  • Best guidance guaranteed
  • From wherever you are (videocalls). For in person support contact us directly.
  • Price: 95 €

This course is offered in ENGLISH and SPANISH.