Baby Massage Workshop

During this 1 hour workshop with your baby you will learn how to favour her relaxation, giving her a peaceful time daily, improving her sleep and preventing indigestions and colics. It is also the best way to enjoy time with your baby and strengthen your bond.

We are bringing what we have learnt in London, a combination of the Indian Shantalla baby massage and the pro-digestion massage.

You will learn to give your baby a very relaxing and safe massage to help with her routine, get better sleep and avoid or treat colics while spending an amazing time with her.

While your baby can not understand our language, you can communicate and comfort her through touch.

We encourage you to talk softly, sing or hum to her while massaging to create a sense of calm and reassurance for your child.


  • 1 session
  • 1 h per session
  • We use high quality natural oils
  • Babies from 0 till 9 months
  • Limited spaces
  • Price: 25 €
  • 25 €
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