2nd Time Mums

curso recordatorio

You have already gone through a labour in the past but you will benefit from a refresher as each labour is different.
It is important to do a short preparation where you can practice your pushing, movements that will help your baby get into the right position and what is the best time for you to go to the hospital among other valuable info..

We will go through how the Spanish maternity system works so you are in control of the situation. Our classes are interactive and enjoyable where you will aways feel comfortable and supported.

The course is designed to be done with your partner during a weekend but if you prefer to come alone you will also enjoy it highly.

Available online and in person

Price: 190€/ couple

This course is offered in ENGLISH and SPANISH and has a limited spaces.




If you prefer, we can do the course privately. Ask for terms and conditions.

You will learn:


  • This course is in English, for Spanish please switch to Spanish (web menu)
  • 6 hours in total
  • 2 sessions: Couple's session (4h) & Women Only session (2h)
  • Covered medical insurances with reimbursement policy
  • 190 € /couple