2nd Time Mums


Although you are not going through a normal labour, we prepare you well for your cesarean section, the cares needed afterwards and your newborn baby cares.

You will get the knowledge and techniques of care needed for both, so you feel safe and in control throughout this special and challenging period.

Our classes are interactive and enjoyable where you will aways feel comfortable and supported.

The course is designed to be done with your partner but if you prefer to come alone you will also enjoy it highly.

This course is offered in ENGLISH and SPANISH and has a limited spaces.


If you don't live in Madrid or London, we can use the ONLINE modality. Ask for more information.

If you prefer, we can do the course privately at your home. Ask for terms and conditions.

You will learn:

  • Getting ready for your Cesarean Section.
  • Your mood and hormones after giving birth and tricks to get a good experience.
  • Your partner's role in the whole process.
  • How to self care after your section.
  • What to expect from your newborn baby the first weeks of life.
  • Care of the umbilical cord.
  • Care of the eyes, skin, and other sensitive areas of the newborn's body.
  • Ways to check he is feeding well and keeping him healthy.
  • Bathing your newborn.
  • Preventing colics and how to calm an unsettled newborn.


  • This course is in English, for Spanish please switch to Spanish (web menu)
  • 6 hours in total
  • 2 sessions: Couple's session (4h) & Women Only session (2h)
  • Group Dinner: Drinks and nibbles with the rest of the group
  • 170 € /couple
    Book your place: 60 €